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Welcome to the Pilot!fic round robin! One or two sentences per comment. Pimp it out! Invite your friends! Let's see what kind of collective mayhem we can get these two crazy kids into!

ETA: Round Robin fic #1: So Much for Keeping A Secret
Round Robin fic #2: The Rumor

First sentence:

"For frak's sake, what now?" Lee grumbled, flinging an arm over his eyes to block the light as Kara yanked back the curtain of his rack and plunked herself down on the edge.
18 October 2009 @ 06:42 pm
24 icons: Charlotte/Cooper, 3.03 "Right Here, Right Now"


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11 July 2009 @ 01:32 am
20 icons: 10 Charlotte King, 10 Charlotte/Cooper


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24 February 2009 @ 07:22 pm
While cleaning out my computer, I found a bunch of Calleigh Duquesne challenge icons that I never posted for public consumption. So... here they are!

16 Calleigh Duquesne icons

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10 December 2008 @ 01:56 pm
Today was one of those bizarre times when RL intersects with fandom and makes your brain go a little 'splodey.

Somehow, a few weeks ago, fandom came up during work. I think we were actually talking about Trekkies for some reason -- no idea why, as it is entirely unrelated to our job. Nonetheless, the topic had entered the office, and I was quickly revealed as the only person in the office with any knowledge of fandom. One of my bosses was fascinated by this, so I sent him a link to someone's essay about types of fans and fan behavior. The other day I linked him to this article because I think it highlights an important social aspect of fandom. I encouraged him to poke around and read other articles. I'm pretty sure he now wants to put us all under a miscroscope and study us because we are fascinating.

However, he has managed to tie this in to the workplace. We had a meeting today with someone who runs a site that specializes in podcasting. They want to develop podcasts for some of our clients, and also want us to come up with new podcasts that they can host.

So my boss comes into my office after this meeting and says to me, "So he was talking about this and I was thinking -- can we do something with fandom and podcasting? Let's talk about it over lunch."

I just finished a lunch in which I had to discuss how fandom breaks down -- and how it coalesces -- and how podcasts within fandom work. Which meant I had to admit that I know little to nothing about podcasting within fandom, cuz I just never really got into the whole podcast she-bang.

But I have been given the assignment of looking into podcasting for fandom, for a one-hour weekly podcast proposal. I need to figure out if its a workable idea, and what the focus would be.

So, gentle readers, I need your help. Due to the fact that I am woefully inept in this area of fandom, I don't know what people really look for in fandom. As such, if you could kindly be happy, fabulous, sparkly LJ pals and answer a few questions for me, I'd be most appreciative. This also would benefit from the input of others, so I am leaving it as a public post, and asking that people pimp it out if they feel comfortable doing so, so that I can get a broader response.

Survey Says:

1. Do you listen to podcasts, fandom or otherwise?
2. If yes, which?
3. If no, why not? What would a podcast have to feature for you to listen to it?
4. Would you be likely to listen to a podcast that covered "fandom in general," discussing different aspects of fandom with possible guest-speakers (mostly fans) contributing discussion?
5. Or would you be more likely to listen to a podcast that directly addresses a particular show that you fan?
6. What do you think about a podcast about fanfiction in general? Specific to a show?
7. How about one about meta in general? Specific to a show?
8. What topics would you like to hear addressed in a fandom-related (either broad or narrow) podcast?

And I think that is all for now... Many thanks to those who reply, and those who pimp!
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