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i am not a pretty girl | that is not what i do

i ain't no damsel in distress | and i don't need to be rescued

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who i am.
Allison. 25. NYC. By day: editor, designer, writer. By night: fandom addict, fic writer, internet junkie, wannabe gym rat. Art buff. Procrastinator. Liberal. Political junkie. Christian. Insomniac. Free spirit (or so I am told). Font of useless knowledge. Part-time gay. Sister. Aunt. Friend. Partner.

what i write.
Day-to-day minutiae, frequently from my desk. Thoughts on various fandoms. Things that amuse me. The occasional poll. RL and fandom, weighted a little more toward the former. I try to respond to all comments, and try to comment on my flist whenever I am not drowning in comms.

who i'll friend.
18+. Several interests in common. Don't make me speed dial the wahmbulance for your emogencies. RL or fandom. Comments are lovely!

what i watch.
Battlestar Galactica. CSI: Miami. Private Practice. Bones. Sons of Anarchy. Pushing Daisies. CSI. Big Bang Theory. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. ANGEL. The West Wing. Dexter. The Daily Show. The Colbert Report. Cold Case. Without a Trace. Family Guy. The History Channel. The Food Network.

who i ship.
OTPs: Kara/Lee. Charlotte/Cooper. Calleigh/Eric. Spike/Buffy. Angel/Darla. Sam/Ainsley. Booth/Bones.
Others: Buffy/Faith. Angel/Lindsey. Xander/Anya. Willow/Tara. Addison/Kevin. Violet/Pete. Josh/Donna. Josh/Amy. Kara/Sam.